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I design innovative software for SaaS startups that want big results.

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Saw an increase of almost +80% in total revenue, with almost $800,000 in new contract value.

+ Incredible demo requests from the leading industry brands.

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Alex knows how to take the user experience to the next level. He approaches complex problems with simple and effective solutions. His expertize helped us think through difficult platform design questions and build a powerful experience.
— Gary Stover, Product & design strategist at ChairSeven

how i help clients

User Experience Design


I design experiences that delight customers and drive growth. Design thinking helps me empathize with customers at every step in their decision journey.

Then I reenvision how best to engage those customers and create new experiences, which I test and refine using agile methods.

  • Customer Segmenting & Analysis

  • User Journeys

  • Information Architecture (IA)

  • Rapid Prototyping (MVP)

  • User Interface (UI) Design

The impact is rapid and dramatic—on customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and employee engagement.

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Product Strategy


I bring my 10-year software expertise to the table and help you translate the organizational goals into achievable tasks and pave the way for your team to ultimate success.

If you have a bad process - the outcome is a bad product.

  • Positioning & Brand Strategy

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Features Roadmapping

  • Value Proposition Design

  • New Product Development / Idea Validation

The outcome is roadmap for a consistent, long-term growth and not just a short-term popularity on the market.

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It was a pleasure working with Alex. He cared about creating a brilliant end result. Most importantly, we continually get praise from clients, investors, and partners on the quality of product experience & design.
— Nadav Ellinson, VP Product at Intelligo


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