Alex Gilev

applying Strategic Systems to Turn Ideas into Growth

Currently based in Chaykovskiy, Russia / Miami, Florida / Boulder, Colorado.

Alex is a User Experience (UX) and Product strategy consultant with experience leading a variety of complex projects in B2B, and B2C organizations. He also has a background in product management and User Interface design (UI). He’s experienced partnering with dispersed teams for organizations ranging from pre-funding SaaS startups to large Fortune 500 organizations.

During his almost 10 years in business, Alex has developed and delivered strategies & design for Fortune 500 companies (Johnson&Johnson, Compeed, PayPal), Bay Area companies, top US digital design agencies (Fantasy) and helped startups on the early stages of seeding.

I always emphasize long-term collaboration over quick fixes.

Unlike other agencies, you work directly with me instead of with junior employees who’ll bill you hundreds of dollars per hour to learn on the job.

I also enjoy working with clients who are ready to embrace bold ideas and are looking for a radically new way of thinking.

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