Ux Audit — the Actionable screen-by-screen Teardown of Your product

Leading software companies understand that they are in the customer-experience business, and they understand that if people won’t see the value within the first seconds of using the product they are done.

In this audit, I’ll take a fresh professional look at your SaaS product, determine critical usability & design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving the customer experience.

So we start off the engagement with a Product Teardown and a high-level Strategy overview. It is a series of 2 phone calls where I learn more about your business, write out all of my ideas and insights for ways it can be improved. 

I look at your product from a holistic viewpoint and examine your consumer segments, customer journeys, key value drivers, and much more. 


Are you experiencing any of these issues:

  • Users can’t grasp the basic functionality and feel confused every time they use your product.

  • Free accounts don’t convert to paid nearly as often as you would like.

  • Customers are buying from the competitors.

  • You hate wasting your time to manually walk each new user through your web app and prefer a seamless an on-boarding process that helps people start right away.

  • Customers complaining about outdated or complicated design.

  • You keep adding new features as requested by users, but that makes your UI look cluttered, and you drift further and further away from that simple and focused product you want to have.


You will benefit from it if…

  • You run an established SaaS business.

  • You have a solid stream of revenue and you think it can do much better.

  • You have high demands in terms of design, but don’t know how to get there with your product.

  • Your team’s vision is “blurry” because you’ve been working on the same product too long.

  • You appreciate objective, honest feedback on your product.


What’s included?

The final deliverable is a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your product key screens (5 - 7) presented as a PDF report.

This “Done for You” version is a great opportunity to hire me directly to audit your SaaS product and pinpoint critical areas to improve.

  • Identify critical usability flaws in your product.

  • Look for small wins that can instantly improve User Experience (UX).

  • Actionable recommendations for keeping your application simple and focused.

  • Optimization ideas to better facilitate user’s key tasks.

  • Onboarding suggestions.

  • Recommendations on visual style, typography & color.

  • General usability considerations.

  • Small easy-to-fix notes

P.S. There’s no actual “design work” included into this audit. I’m giving you a punch list of high value UX & Design improvements which you can check off as you have time. These recommendations provide you with quick wins that you can instantly apply to your product.


How much does it cost?

Cost: $5,495 | Timeframe: 2 weeks

You’ll receive an actionable report (15-20 pages) of your key screens (5-7 screens.)

If you order right now, you’ll get your audit report within 2 weeks after our initial consultation. That’s way faster and more effective than waiting for a high-touch consulting opportunity.

Audits are completely risk free. I provide a full 100% money-back guarantee on this offering. If for some reason you’re not happy with the audit results — I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Alex knows how to take the user experience to the next level. He approaches complex problems with simple and effective solutions. His expertize helped us think through difficult platform design questions and build a powerful experience.
— Gary Stover, Product & design strategist at ChairSeven


I’m interested! How do we get started?

Click the link below to sign up for the UX audit briefly describing your business and your major product problems. If you’re a good fit for the audit, I’ll send you a scheduling link for the initial consultation.