“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”


Hi, I’m Alex Gilev, I help growth-stage SaaS companies get an unfair competitive advantage through User Experience (UX) Strategy & Design to acquire, retain and delight their customers.

In my view, far too few companies have a clear, choiceful, and compelling winning strategy in place. When an organizational bias for action drives doing, often thinking falls by the wayside.

In this blog, you can learn about high level 30,000 foot view ways to run your business strategy more efficiently.

The word “Strategy” comes from the ancient Greek word '“Strategos”, meaning literally “the leader of the army.” Strategy in this sense was the art of generalship, of commanding the entire war effort, deciding what formations to deploy, what terrain to fight on, what maneuvers to use to gain an edge.

And as this knowledge progressed, military leaders discovered that the more they thought and planned ahead, the more possibilities they had for success.

My goal is to help you make smart choices to create and develop a winning strategy for your business. 

Get started with Strategy

  • First off I highly recommend the Rockefeller Habits and scaling up books as a great framework if you aren't already crushing your business strategy

  • Quick Strategy notes for busy entrepreneurs and product managers to help you stay relevant

  • What types of Business Strategy companies can utilize to win?

Get Started with UX

  • Short, actionable UX tips for better customer experience

  • What is a Human centered Design? Read about it here

  • How to create a product customers want? Check out this article

Product & Innovation insights

My personal tips and insights about User Experience design & Strategy which are not listed here.

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Top 10 Strategic Insights

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