Question for you:

Do you want to make your product Better, Faster and Easier-to-use?

Well, of course you do.

The REAL question is — how do you get there?

Every single company who has ever retained me to personally analyze their SaaS product and create an intuitive User Experience (UX) for it has generated a major uptick in revenue as a result.


To dominate on a chess board, you need an expert


Who knows every nook and cranny, not a generalist.

With a deep industry expertise.

More importantly, someone who has done it before!


4 months cut in development time with a product delivery 2 months ahead of schedule.


Increased customer engagement by 147%. Featured on


Unlike traditional design agencies, I cut the fat out of the standard design process, so the company managed to:

  • Deliver the product to market 2 months ahead of schedule.

  • Raise $10m in capital to scale the platform and company.

  • Sign off several high-ticket clients with over $400K in value per client.

  • Churn dropped to 0.5%.

Who wouldn’t want a more usable customer experience and intuitive design?

And if you think that’s amazing, check out how we managed to create a ‘Merchandising’ portal that led company to become absolute industry leader and spark the interest of leading brands.

Here’s some screenshots from a prototype I’ve created…


Below you will find a detailed program I offer to clients to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Improved the ease of use and efficiency of your key tasks (Up to 250%.)

  • Reduce customer churn to 1% or less.

  • Become a market leader & beat the competition.

  • Drastically improve brand perception.

  • Ensure positive first time experience.

  • Top-tier level of UI & UX (by ex-creative director of leading US design agency.)

    … and more.


1. Discovery

Duration: 1,5 weeks.

Every business is unique. Thus I don’t use cookie cutter solutions when it comes to product strategy. I meticulously assemble systems & processes for every business.

  • We’ll take a deep dive into your product. Assess the current product state, where you want to be in the future, and what we can do to get your there. 

  • Our main priority is to identify the biggest opportunity to capture value.

  • Be prepared for the long meetings! We’ll get all hands-on.

RESULT: Complete product audit. At the end, we’ll create a roadmap with key dates and KPIs on how we’re going to improve the customer experience.

→  Excerpt from the strategy session


2. Competitive analysis & Customer research

Duration: 2 weeks.

Without a sober evaluation of how you stack up against competitors can result in failing with attracting, retaining, and deepening the relationship with your target customers.

Taking shortcuts with your customers will only hurt you in the long run. 

  • We will research your direct and indirect competitors. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? What channels they use to acquire customers? 

  • We’ll surface the gaps in your competitors’ value proposition and create a comprehensive analysis of all players to make the right strategic decisions.

  • For customers, we’ll start by defining the segments. Where they congregate online, their current jobs-to-be-done, pains, and gains, and how we can address the most critical parts in your product experience. 

RESULT: At the end of this phase, you’ll know everything about your competitors, their strong and weak points as well as spot opportunities in unmet customers needs to use it as a strategic advantage in your product’s value proposition (created next).


3. Value Proposition

Duration: 1 week.

According to Simon-Kucher, 72% of all new product innovations fail to deliver on expectations. This means that customers don’t care about 7 out of 10 products introduced to the market.

It doesn’t mean that people are stupid. It absolutely not. It means the processes are often broken.

  • Using the data from customer & competitive analyses, we’ll explore how we’re going to create value for customers.

  • We will create a map that makes explicit how your product relieves customer pains and creates gains. We will iterate the value proposition when we get an indication what resonates with customers

RESULT: Create a compelling product’s value proposition that addresses both business and customer needs. Then, we’ll test our assumptions with the target audience to see if the market has an appetite for your product.


4. prototyping & testing

Duration: 1-2 months.

We’ll start the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase by defining what needs to be learned—and from whom. The sooner the MVP is in customer hands, the sooner feedback can arrive. 

  • Based on your value proposition, we’ll define & prioritize features & functionality for the initial product release (MVP).

  • Understand what to build and what’s not.

  • We’ll create a high-fidelity MVP prototype that looks like a real product and put in front of customers to find out whether we understood the customer problem well enough.

RESULT: Understand what NOT to ship and test the viability of your value proposition by creating a high-fidelity interactive design prototype, that you can show to investors or demo to potential customers. My clients previously were able to close high-ticket deals just by demoing the prototype to prospects.

→  Dashboard/Reports interactive prototype

→ Sports booking software interactive prototype


5. Quality Assurance

Duration: 1.5 weeks.

You will be surprised at the lack of design implementation processes in many organizations. Remember: If you have a bad process, the outcome is a bad product!

  • Once a successful prototype has been defined, it can further be developed into the full-fledged product.

  • I’ll provide all the necessary development specs for your engineers as a point of reference to maintain the product consistency & visual look. On the other note, a poorly implemented design can turn the most basic and obvious interaction into a frustrating and potentially embarrassing experience. 

  • I’ll follow up with you in a 2 months to review the product and advise on any development inconsistencies to make sure we maintain the quality from the beginning.

RESULT: Create a well-oiled machine by setting up systems & processes for developing a bespoke product experience and maintaining a high level of quality.

Now, the organization is ready to take the successful product to market.

→ Style guide example


It was a pleasure working with Alex. He cared about creating a brilliant end result. Most importantly, we continually get praise from clients, investors, and partners on the quality of product experience & design.
— Nadav Ellinson, VP Product at Intelligo
Alex helped us with UX strategy and turned a complex product into easy-to-use, simple, and functional solution. He consistently educated us on the ‘Why.’ As a result, our product launch went smoothly and users were able to intuitively navigate the interface and be productive instantly.
— Cristian Graziano at Method29
Alex helped us with UX strategy, analyzed customers feedback, turned it into a delightful experience and sophisticated prototype. The quality of the work was top notch.
— Jae Jun, founder of Old School Value


If This Sounds Interesting, Here’s How To Find Out More


What I will be doing:

  • Establish a bold UX strategy.

  • Analyze your competitors and cherry-pick from them.

  • Enhance usability by using behavioral psychology, persuasion and neuromarketing.

  • Optimize customer journeys. Direct attention and catalyze action with cues and triggers.

  • Increase non-conscious users’ motivation to encourage desired behavior with simple and minimalistic design.

  • Work alongside your engineers. Establish a design system to create a more modular experience that speeds 2x the development process.

I’ll also tell you what changes need to be made and actions taken to increase user engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately sales.

Basically, this gets you everything. It gets ME revamping your product FOR YOU.

As opposed to paying a design agency that will subcontract to juniors or assign generalists to your project who are not experienced in SaaS to navigate your company towards success.



I’m interested! What’s the Next step?


The next step will be setting up an intro call to explore our opportunities together.

P.S. Due to a lot of requests and intensely 'hands on' nature of the work provided, I can only accept a very limited amount of clients.

P.S.S. Projects start from $10k.