1. I love my clients and work very hard for them. I believe in them and in their product. I make sure my clients always experience 2 things: exceptional work and excellent working experience.

  2. Been there, done that. I am not a theoretical consultant. I am a practitioner. For the past 9 years, I’ve helped build innovative experiences for startups and Fortune 500’s companies around the globe.

  3. I’ve helped companies create and launch great products. I know how to create simple, easy-to-use products, and I am committed to helping you create innovative products your customers will love.

  4. There’s a big gap between the best and the rest. I believe there’s a big difference between how the best companies create products and how most companies create them, and I am dedicated to evangelizing the practices of the best.

  5. Your success is an ultimate measure for me. My goal is to have every company I work with come away feeling inspired, empowered and well-equipped to meet the challenges of product development. I also want you to feel like you have found a trusted friend and advisor, that truly cares about your success.

  6. I pay it forward. I have enjoyed the success that comes from being a part of very successful companies and top design agencies, and it’s important to me I give back to the community and industry by sharing openly through my writing, coaching and personal relationships.

  7. A full hands-on experience. When I engage with your company, and I don’t pass you off to someone less experienced. Instead, I work directly and personally with you and your team to teach, advise and coach you to current and future success.

  8. The whole is greater than the parts. I have a holistic, unified view of product creation. My perspective spans product strategy, product management, product design, product development process, product architecture and engineering. I work to ensure that all parts of your product are working together effectively.

  9. I keep it real. I am all about substance. My advice is relevant, practical and effective; never generic. In all cases, I expect immediate results, and I work to make a real and positive impact on your company and your product.



I work with saas companies that want big results


I’m selective about who I sign as clients. I will only sign on customers who I’m certain will see tangible results from our engagement.