discover quick wins during 1hr session

If you are serious about your business and like the idea of working with a UX strategist, sign up for a free discovery session below. I will answer any questions you have about your product and give you a taste of what working with a strategist is all about.

What to expect:

  • I’ll give you an advice on how to properly strategize & design your product as the solution to the challenges your organization is facing.

  • We’ll identify at least 3 critical usability flaws in you product that inhibit intuitive customer experience.

  • We’ll analyze key parts of your product and I’ll tell you how to significantly improve them and what systems & processes can speed up the product development and maintain consistency.

  • We will create a plan on how to improve your product.


It was a pleasure working with Alex. He cared about creating a brilliant end result. Most importantly, we continually get praise from clients, investors, and partners
on the quality of the design and experience.
— Nadav Ellinson, VP Product at Intelligo


Get practical advice on how you can create an Easy-to-use and Delightful product experience for your SaaS product during a complimentary discovery session.